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We create and deliver services that enhance your business agility. Our leading-edge solutions enable organizations to achieve measurable and substantial benefits. Solutions include product development, life-cycle support and Consulting.
Our Engineers have passion for Physics, mathematics and implementing solutions from repository gained while working for different challenges.

Team believes in:

  • Be part of customer team by taking pro active decisions in engineering.
  • Provide solutions with alternate options to take a educated decision in product development.
  • Increase customer profits, which helps us in getting more business.
  • Experience imbibes quality and experiment improves quality.

We enhance productivity by ensuring that vital business functions work faster, cheaper and better. Our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and innovative solutions allow clients to concentrate on their key business.

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Our process includes conceiving appropriate and effective mechanisms, building and testing  for proof of concept prototypes and creating detailed tolerance manufacturing drawings. Our Engineers work together with Customer and Suppliers to develop smart designs.
Following selection of the concept for development, team refines the design using a range of high fidelity modelling techniques based around the CAD data which is generated and refined for use in manufacturing activity. This ensures that the design intent is maintained from concept to production.



To be a great product it not only needs to work well but must have manufacturing reliability.

Design of each component needs to take into account the materials and manufacturing processes in order to create a design which is as functional and cost effective as possible.

We Engineer the product with Product Feasibility study and Cost Effective optimized solutions for all aspects of product till end of life. 



Services are rendered through off-shore, on-site / off-site model. We add value to our global customers by offering end-to-end solutions in the spectrum of Design, Engineering and Manufacturing

We support customer teams in different stages like drawing creation , ECN/ECR support. The team understands the requirement  and aligns with the demand.

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Automotive companies today face an ongoing challenge to remain competitive and looking to set themselves apart in order to surge ahead of competitors and have the opportunity to adopt cutting-edge tech and improve their business processes.

We combine domain expertise, knowledge of operations and insights into new emerging technologies to offer specific areas of focus in Automotive sector: Seating System, Interiors &, Exteriors. Help our customers to have competitive advantage in the focus areas through our Center of Excellence in Mechanism design, FE modelling, IMDS services


Agro & Off-road equipment's

Adequate mechanization is the main engine of productivity and competitiveness in agriculture and agro-industries. It allows the transition from subsistence farming to commercial farming. Moreover, in places where farming work force includes children and the elderly, proper tools and machinery can help reduce their workload while maintaining agricultural production.


Medical devices

We have proven expertise in industrial design and engineering design for a wide range of medical devices including wearable medical devices like Holter, Pulse Oximeter and temperature monitor etc.

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